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Wild Dog Control

Posted by Bestprac on Sep 06 2010

Feral dogs maim and kill sheep, AWI has two major projects in wild dog control.

Feral dogs maim and kill sheep, AWI has two major projects in wild dog control.

In some areas of Queensland and Western Australia and along the Great Dividing Range in NSW/Victoria, sheep production is being significantly impacted because of the ongoing damage inflicted by feral dogs in particular.

Wild dogs are controlled primarily by baiting with sodium fluoroacetate (1080). 1080 has come under pressure from groups concerned that it does not provide a humane death. AWI has argued strongly for the continued availability of 1080 for wild dog control because there are no good alternatives.

AWI's two major projects in dog and fox control are the:

  1. Development of a new canid (wild dogs) toxin. This is a major investment with the Invasive Animal Control Cooperative Research Centre. The toxin under study causes a rapid and humane death and is highly specific to canids.
  2. Development of a new canid lure - FeralMone, with Pestat Pty Ltd. FeralMone contains abbreviated synthetic fermented egg, a powerful attractant for dogs and foxes which has performed very well in field trials. FeralMone was launched in 2005.

A Facebook group has formed a page to make people aware of the issues pastoralists and farmers have with wild dogs. For further information, please contact the administrators of the Wild Dog Control Group. Note that this Facebook group was not set up or administrated by AWI or Bestprac. Whilst AWI is a member of this Facebook group, any comments made by the administrators or members of this Facebook group, other than as authorised by AWI and posted using its user name “Australian Wool Innovation”, do not necessarily represent the views or policies of AWI.

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