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WILD DOGS – Successful Strategies for Control

Posted by Bestprac on Oct 06 2010

By Liz Guerin
Wild dogs do unquestionable damage to sheep flocks and in many instances have been the primary factor contributing to producers moving out of sheep industries.


In 2009, the Invasive Animals Co-operative Research Centre (IA CRC) conservatively estimated the costs of wild dogs to wool, lamb and beef producers at around $50 million. However a report issued by Queensland’s Agforce estimates the figure to be closer to $70 million dollars a year through predation, disease and control – and that is just in Queensland alone.

Faced with devastating losses at the hands of wild dogs, two Queensland wool and beef producers have implemented very different ways of addressing the problem on their properties. 


New Best Practice Manual for the use of Guardian Dogs

The IA CRC has recently released a best practice guide for managing guardian dogs. Designed to equip land managers with the knowledge to be self-reliant in livestock and property protection against wild dogs, foxes and other predators, the Best Practice Manual for the use of Guardian Dogs provides landholders with another option — beyond fencing, baiting, shooting and trapping — to assist them to protect livestock from predation.

Funded through the Bureau of Rural Sciences’ Australian Pest Animal Management Program, the Best Practice Manual for the use of Guardian Dogs is available for download from or contact the IA CRC, (02 6201 2887) for a hardcopy manual.

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