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Posted by Bestprac on Mar 15 2009

By Australian Wool Innovation Ltd

AWI is pleased to launch, the premier online destination for the Australian Merino wool industry.

It is a consolidation of a number of separate websites that fall under the AWI umbrella, including grower tools such as Liceboss, Woolcheque, Wormboss and Timerite.

It serves to unite the entire wool pipeline, from farm gate to fashion house. For the very first time, all AWI stakeholders right across the globe - growers, industry bodies, supply chain representatives, retailers and consumers - will have visibility beyond their own territory, and access to information 24x7. This can generate valuable networking opportunities and, similarly, sends the message that AWI is a highly professional organisation with strength and knowledge in all aspects of wool production.

During AWI's shareholder research last year, woolgrowers said that they didn't want more communications; they wanted more relevant communications. answers this call. Not only is online technology leading-edge in cost-efficient communications, but it can be extremely targeted. The new website will host all of AWI's vital wool production information, providing growers with the tools and functionality to personalise their homepage and tailor online activities to suit their own business requirements. This will also enable AWI to better target grower needs and prioritise our resources.

To help us do so, AWI asks that all growers jump online when goes live and register for membership. All of these elements will assist AWI and, ultimately, Australia's wool growing community, in creating demand for Australian Merino - and that's the name of the game.

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